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Saint Anthony the Great Resource Page

St. Anthony the Great (Feast Day - January 17)


Having the stature of heaven and intelligent beings,
You are the leader of ascetics Anthony.
On the seventeenth Anthony thereupon was lifted up.

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Constructing an ascetic gymnastic school on earth, 
Venerable Anthony, you blunted all the assaults 
of the passions with the stream of your tears. 
Your godly way of life was acknowledged for all 
as a ladder leading up to heaven; 
for by it you displayed the fruits of true piety
and through them you heal the diseases of the passions 
of those who cry to you with faith: 
Rejoice, radiant golden star of the East, 
torchbearer and shepherd of Monastics! 
Rejoice, fairest offspring of the desert, 
and unshakable bulwark of the Church! 
Rejoice, great guide of those who have gone astray! 
Rejoice, our boast, and bright glory of the inhabited world! 
(Great Vespers, Sticheron, Tone 2, by St. Theodore the Studite)
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