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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Relics of Saint Athanasius the Great

The Relics of St. Athanasius the Great, in the Church of S. Zaccaria, in Venice, Italy. (Above)

Portions of the relics of St. Athanasius can also be found in the Church of Saint Nektarios in Kamariza Lavriou in Attica, the Athonite Monasteries of Iveron, Zographou and Esphigmenou., as well the Monasteries of the Great Cave in Kalavryta, Prousos in Eurytania and Agathonos in Fthiotida.

Pope Shenouda III restored portions of the relics of St. Athanasius to Egypt on 15 May 1973, after his historical visit to the Vatican and meeting with Pope Paul VI. The relics of St. Athanasius the Great of Alexandria are currently preserved under the new St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Deir El-Anba Rowais, Abbassiya, Cairo, Egypt. (Below)

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
You became a pillar of Orthodoxy, strengthening the Church with divine dogmas, O Hierarch Athanasios. For by preaching that the Son is one in essence with the Father you put Arius to shame. O venerable Father, to Christ our God pray earnestly, entreating that great mercy be on us bestowed.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
Having planted the dogmas of Orthodoxy, thou didst cut out the thorns of false doctrine; and with the rain of the Spirit, thou didst increase the seed of the Faith, Wherefore, we praise thee, O righteous Athanasios.

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