May 22, 2010

Patriarch of Serbia: Partition of Kosovo Unacceptable

15 May 2010

KURŠUMLIJA -- Patriarch Irinej said that a partition of Kosovo is both unacceptable and unachievable.

He also said that the situation in the province is very difficult and added that he cannot imagine the Peć patriarchy not being a part of Serbia, but a part of another country, adding that this too would be unacceptable.

“Serbia is not Serbia without Kosovo. For me it is a being without a head. Our country cannot be beheaded and stripped of Kosovo. I hope that enough reason and wisdom will be found by us and the world,” he said.

Regarding dialogue with officials of the Catholic Church and the Pope, Irinej said that such talks are important, adding that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) is not running from such talks, because discussions can help overcome divisions that exist in the Christian church.

“The Pope has great power in the world, so why not talk about our problems and the problems of others with such a person? We must try to stop the divisions and start turning towards united values,” Patriarch Irinej said.