May 3, 2010

Pictures of the Glorification of Two Serbian Saints

In a moving a joyous celebration, on 2 May 2010, a multi-hiearchical Divine Liturgy took place in the Cathedral of St. Savvas in Belgrade to confirm the sainthood of Fr. Justin Popovich and the abbot Fr. Simeon Popovich.

The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Patriarch Irenaios of Serbia surrounded by twenty-two hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Amphilochios of Montenegro said in his homily: "The decision of the Hierarchy has as its aim the spiritual prosperity of the Serbian people."

The Metropolitan further said: "Fr. Justin and Fr. Simeon always had Christ as an example for their lives, Who glorified them by their life and works. Their names are written in the book of life."

Our Venerable Father Justin Popovich of Chelije (1894-1979) will be commemorated on June 1, and the commemoration of our Venerable Father Simeon Popovich, abbot of the Dajbabe Monastery near Podgorica (1854-1941), will be celebrated on March 19.

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