February 26, 2015

A Church Where the Theotokos Confirms the Practice of Fasting

The Panagia of Lithines:
Support for the Sacred Practice of Fasting

In the village of Lithines, located in the Seteia district of Crete, there is an ancient Church dedicated to the Panagia, which celebrates its Feast Day on September 8th.

Conspicuous among the Templon Icons is that of the Panagia of Lithines (or Lithinon), which is framed by innumerable votive offerings, since it has worked many miracles.

The church has a large courtyard and guesthouse. The village residents frequently pass through the forecourt of the church, using it as a shortcut to their homes.

If, however, they buy meat during a fasting period and go through the courtyard, the meat is infected with easily-discernible worms!

This miracle did not only take place in bygone ages.

Certain disbelievers in our days carried out the following experiment: They bought fresh meat during a fasting period and passed through the forecourt of the church. They, too, noticed that the meat turned maggoty!

Once, a butcher tried passing through here while carrying half a lamb. Halfway through the courtyard, however, his legs were paralyzed and he fell down, calling out in fright!

In this way, the Theotokos has confirmed the practice of fasting in the consciences of the faithful.