February 10, 2015

The Incorrupt Left Hand of Saint Haralambos

"If it please Thy goodness to ask a gift of Thee, I beseech Thy majesty and dominon to grant this favor: to whomsoever should find or possess a portion of my relics, and in whichsoever land he may be celebrating the memory of my martyrdom, may he never suffer from hunger or plague or pestilence or an untimely death or destruction from an evil man, or injury to crops. I pray that he may be firm in peace, salvation of soul, and health of body. I entreat that he enjoy plenty of wheat, oil, and wine, together with an abundance of livestock and other good and useful possessions...."

- Final Prayer of St. Haralambos

The left hand of Saint Haralambos, the Hieromartyr from Magnesia, is located in the Monastery of Mega Spelaion (Great Cave) in Kalavryta, Greece. It is incorrupt and in the perpetual priestly hand gesture of giving a blessing.

Praises in Tone One
Gather together with fervor, ye children of the Church; come forth ye all, and honor the most ven’rable relics of godly Haralambos, who boldly proclaimed Jesus Christ in the stadium, and who convicted the error of godless men as he magnified the Fashioner.