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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saint Haralambos Resource Page


Through the sword, Haralambos, you were deemed worthy
Of the brightness and joy of the Martyrs.
On the tenth, Haralambos, you were decapitated at the neck.

Synaxarion of Saint Haralambos the Hieromartyr and Wonderworker

Life of the Holy Hieromartyr Haralambos of Magnesia the Wonderworker

Saint Haralambos as a Model for our Lives

The Relics of Saint Haralambos the Wonderworker

8 Modern Miracles Of Saint Haralambos

Miracles of the Skull of Saint Haralambos

The Incorrupt Left Hand of Saint Haralambos

Commemoration of the Deliverance of Zakynthos from the Plague by Saint Haralambos in 1728

Saint Haralambos and the Outbreak of Scarlet Fever in the 1930's

Miracle of Saint Haralambos in Filiatra (1944)

The Truth About the Miracle of Saint Haralambos in Filiatra in 1944

A Historic Athonite Icon of Saint Haralambos in the Hut of Saint Akakios

Miracle of St. Haralambos at the Polyclinic of Athens

Saint Haralambos, Patron Saint of Pyrgos in Ilia

When St. Arsenios of Cappadocia Saw St. Haralambos in the Holy Water

The Healing of Elder Iakovos Tsalikes by St. Haralambos

St. Haralambos and the Earthquake That Struck Pyrgos, Elis in 1996

Saint Haralambos and the Demon Possessed

St. Haralambos and the Sacrifice of the Bull

Saint Haralambos Celebrated In Bulgaria

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