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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Christ Is Risen" in Pomak

On February 3, 2007 a Pomak from Sminthi visited Mount Athos. At the Monastery of Simonopetra a monk asked him to translate "Christ Is Risen" in his native language. He translated the hymn and the monk in turn put it to Byzantine notation. On April 8, 2007 the monks of Simonopetra Monastery sang for the first time "Christ Is Risen" in Pomak.

Hristσs si azhοvβ at umrβtene
Sas umνranye nastσpi umνranyeto
Harνsal ye zhοvσta zhιmne so bϊli
Faf grσbyeno.

Χριστός σι αζιβά ατ ουμράτενε
Σας ουμίρανιε ναστόπι ουμίρανιετο
Χαρίσαλ γιε ζιβότα ζέμνε σο μπούλι
Φαφ γκρόμπιενο.

Below is the transcription of the hymn in Byzantine notation:

On March 4, 2007 the same Pomak man translated from the Gospel of John (John 20:19-31) the passage which is read every year during the Agape Vespers on Pascha Sunday. Now every year at Simonopetra this passage is read also in Pomak:

19 Agξna ye stαnalo akshαm le faf inσk dιne, na pσrvanek dιne ad Sσbatono natsξi, i vratαna so bϊlο zatvσrenο itαm kadιna so bϊli zbrαtο talebιne ad Yahudiαtskokne strαha, dashlσl ye Isα i ustayαl so ye faf sredσno i reklσl mi ye: "Mirιnye vαmi!"
20 I agξ ye reklσl inazν, prikαzal ye tδm tσgavοne rσkο i strαno. Drαgo mi ye pαnnalo talebτmne, agξna so vνdili Kνriono.
21 I reklσl mi ye pak Isα: "Mirιnye vαmi. Kαksa mo ye prevσdil mσne Bubαyko i ya prevαdom vαmi".
22 I agξna ye reklσl inazν, dϊinal ye ur tδh i reklσl mi ye: "Zτmite Evliyσsko Vαzdaho.
23 Akϊ banβm stσrite af grαhovene, she mi so af, akϊ gi banβm darzhξte, she so udarzhσnο".
24 'Ala Thomαs, ad on ikνno adνn, zhσkne so zavαlο "Bliznαk", ne ye bul sas tδh, agξna ye dashlσl Isβ.
25 Vνkali mu so drϊgοne talebι: "Vνdihme Kνriono!" Tσy mi ye reklσl: "Akϊ na vνdem faf rakοne mu belβgono ad shαykevene i akϊ na klam pσrstase na belαgono ad shαykevene i akϊ na klam rakσso na stranσto mu, nιma da izvβravom".

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos
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