April 28, 2012

Photo of an Orb of Light in the Cave of the Apocalypse

Agioritkovima.gr has posted an interesting photo that was taken last August of an orb of light inside the Cave of the Apocalypse on the island of Patmos. This was the cave where the Apostle John the Theologian saw Christ in a vision and the apocalypse was revealed. In the photo one can see where, according to tradition, John rested his head at night behind the golden cage and behind the orb is the spot where he would put his hands to get up. Some also say that these rock fissures appeared when Christ full of light appeared to John and John fell back in fear causing the formation in the stone. The Gospel is placed on the spot where John's disciple Prochorus wrote the Book of Revelation as it was dictated to him, and possibly even his Gospel.

I have personally studied hundreds of orb photos and 95% of the time, at least, there is some natural explanation (bugs, balls of energy, dust, camera flash, etc.). It is hard to determine from a photo if there is something paranormal or supernatural going on, but there are videos that show some sort of intelligence behind certain orbs. Orb experts usually agree that solid spherical orbs of light which you cannot see through are a rarity and could possibly be supernatural at most and paranormal at least. If supernatural, it is still not known exactly what role orbs play.