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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pascha On Mount Athos With Yannis Tsarouchis

Yannis Tsarouchis is a famous painter in modern Greece and acquired a deep love for Orthodoxy and the arts the Church has produced through his mentor Photios Kontoglou. He, along with Kontoglou, helped revive Greek tradition in painting. It is known that Tsarouchis (1910-1989) had a deep attraction to Mount Athos where, even when seriously ill, he would arrive every year as a pilgrim before Holy Week to attend the all-night services and would leave after Pascha. He was enthusiastic by the monastic typicon and fascinated by the Byzantine melodies. In his last years he lived at the Cell of Saint Nicholas of Koutloumouseiou Monastery with Elder Hierotheos, he worshipped at Protaton, and always confessed. Manos Hatzidakis wrote: "Tsarouchis is a Christian, not because he goes to church, but because he knows how to stand in it, with the comfort of a priest and the sanctity of a small child."

Wikipedia: Yannis Tsarouchis

The Greek Painter, Yannis Tsarouchis (Greek)


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