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Saturday, April 14, 2012

82-year-old German Woman Converts To Orthodoxy in Agrinio

Areti Kotseli
April 12, 2012
Greek Reporter

An old German woman, resident of Agrinio, converted to Christian Orthodoxy on Palm Sunday at St. George’s Church. The old woman, who lives in the Nursing House of Agrinio, expressed her wish to become Christian Orthodox.

Sofia Seilbord lived in Agrinio for 42 years and was married to a local man who passed away many years before her decision. Even though she had children, none of them live in Greece.

Her loneliness made her shut down during the last years. Living helpless, almost blind because of a severe cataract, her life was difficult. She had been a rather unsociable person, which explains why she can’t speak Greek very well, despite her 42-year presence in Agrinio.

Sofia was living in unfavorable circumstances until another German woman also living in Agrinio found her and arranged her transfer to the Nursing House of the Christian Union in Agrinio.

The 82-year-old woman found a new life. The lifestyle of the people who lived with her at the Nursing House since last September – when she was taken there – had her ask to be converted to Christian Orthodoxy. They helped her, offered her companionship, and arranged for her optical surgery to restore her vision. She visited Carpenisi Hospital twice, and Sofia can now enjoy her sight again.

“I want to have Jesus in my heart,” are her words in an interview with Agriniopress, when asked why she decided to become Orthodox.

The baptism ceremony took place last Saturday (Lazarus Saturday) and every person in the Nursing House attended the ceremony.
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