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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Miracle of Saint George in 1940

When Greeks fought against the Italians in Albania in 1940, after they had attacked us without any reason, the following miracle occurred.

Soldiers arrested together with other Italians an officer whom they held hostage. The Greek soldiers took away his pistol, binoculars etc. The Italian officer delivered them all happily. He even gave the photos of his family. A small icon of Saint George however he did not want to give up under any circumstance.

Eventually it was taken. Then the Italian hostage asked to see the Governor. When he met him he spoke graciously and asked for the icon of Saint George to be returned to him.

"This is Orthodox, what do you, a Papist, want with it?" asked the Governor.

"When I was driving my battalion against the Greeks," responded the Italian hostage, "I could not break their lines under any condition. And this was because I saw running back and forth along the front lines a Cavalier riding a white horse. He barred our path. He would not let us move forward. When we retreated we came to a place where we found a deserted little church. I went in to pray, and there on the screen I saw this small icon. His face was exactly as I saw him! It was him, the Saint with the white horse who was preventing us from moving forward into Greece. Then I took this icon with me and from that time I have kept it as a protection on me. I ask you to please release it to me."

And indeed, they released it to him.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos

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