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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prisoner Sends Letter of Thanks to Elder Ephraim

April 3, 2012

A big thank you and many criticisms were sent by many of the detainees in the sixth ward of Korydallou.

A prisoner, Anthony Papadatos, representing the sixth ward of prisoners in the prison of Korydallos, wrote a letter in which they express their gratitude to Elder Ephraim and thanked God that He brought him near them!

The letter indicated the problems faced by prisoners, including a large overcrowding which leads to cubicles/cells with even 25 prisoners inside, and on the health conditions they say where the risk of transmitting diseases such as typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis is high.

Below is the letter:

With this letter we want to publicly thank Elder Ephraim, who stood beside us as our father with love, understanding and peace that he gave us all during this time.

In short and and to the point, despite the poor conditions in Korydallos, a prison that does not fit over 800 prisoners and today has surpassed 2500, who consistently sleep over each other in cells, rooms with 25 people inside, along with an army of roaches and mice and cats that have typhus, in the cold without heating in mold-damaged walls from moisture that were built 50 years ago, eating food you should not feed your dogs, and bathing with cold water, we shout that there is a God and we thank Him that He brought us Elder Ephraim to support us psychologically with his attitude and each individually with his paternal affection.

P.S. Truthfully, the Elder came himself to prison to help us at a time when the state is nonexistent for us even though he came as a prisoner???

Are the judges so brainless that they saw him up close and sent this man to Korydallos?? Have mercy on us ... (as we learned from the Elder to say ...)

Prisoner Anthony Papadatos and the entire sixth ward of Korydallos.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos
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