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Friday, April 29, 2011

Panagia Kefalariotissas of Argos

The Church of Panagia Kefalariotissas (Life-Giving Spring) is located in the village of Kefalari in Argos. According to tradition it was built after 1634, which is about the time the icon of the Panagia was discovered in the cave. It is located just above the source of the Erasinos River, which springs from the bowels of the mountain Chaon where on the steep slope is built the church and next to the entrance are two outlets of a large cave.

Unfortunately, this ancient and historical temple was destroyed on May 18, 1918 after a tremendous explosion of ammunition stored in military depots located near the Cathedral. From this terrible explosion the temple was smoking heap of rubble and only the Holy Altar and the grace of the Panagia were left. The present church was rebuilt and opened in 1928 in place of the destroyed temple by the locals and especially at the expense of the Panargeiakos Association "Danaos" which is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The feast of Panagia Kefalariotissas is celebrated on Bright Friday in honor of the Life-Giving Spring.

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