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April 25, 2011

48.1% In Greece Do Not Believe in the Resurrection

According to a poll done by Κάπα Research published in the Sunday Vema, essential Orthodox teachings like the resurrection of Christ are being abandoned.

When asked "Do you believe in the resurrection of the dead?" there appears to be a drop of 10 points since the 2008 poll. 51.3% stated 'yes' and 'probably yes' then, while 41.8% answered to the same thing this year, with 26.5% indicating "yes and 15.3% "probably yes". Contrast this with 48.1% who said 'no' and 'probably not', while 10.1% replied "do not know" or "no answer".

A similar trend is seen to the question '"Do you think that in recent year Greeks believe in the divine?", where only 28.8% said "the same as before" and 18.9% "more" and 46.1% "less".

Regarding Easter, people were asked to complete the sentence "For you personally, Easter is ..." 36% said "a period of religious devotion" and 11.1% "a chance to go to church". In contrast, 42.5% said "a chance to return to their manners and customs" and 39.9% said "a chance for vacation and relaxation", while 15.1% said "a chance to be with my relatives" and 11.9% said "a chance to visit my place of origin".

In the same vein the answers to the question "On the evening of the Resurrection do you follow the entire Divine Liturgy, starting from the very beginning and leaving after the 'Christ is Risen', or simply prefer to go to hear the 'Christ is Risen'?" 48.4% said "Just go to hear the 'Christ is Risen', "28.8% said "I go from the beginning of the Divine Liturgy and then I leave after the 'Christ is Risen', "and 8.5% said "I do not go to church". Only 13.6% said they stay for the entire Divine Liturgy.

Regarding whether or not they believe in God, 56.3% said "Yes" and 20% said "Probably yes". However, 13% said "No" and 7.7% said "Probably no". 3.1% said "I don't know" or gave "No answer".

When asked about their knowledge of the Holy Week religious texts, 9.1% said "a lot", 36.6% said "fair amount", 37.9% said "a little", and 16.2% said "none".

And to the question "What emotions were generated within you during Holy Week?", 43.9% said "humble devotion", 25.1% said "reverence", 18.4% said "tranquility", 14.8% said "love", 12.9% said "peace", 10.5% said "joy", and 11.1% said "philanthropic feelings".