April 20, 2011

Love and the Resurrection of Christ

By Metropolitan Pavlos of Sisaniou and Siatista

The Resurrection and Love are synonymous. You cannot have one without having the other, and this must be understood by all, especially by those living within the Church. Because essentially the devil unfortunately knows better than us, that Resurrection and Love cannot be separated, and he tries to kill the Resurrection within us. He destroys love from our souls and we unfortunately play his game.

Christ did not expel Judas. Rather the greatest hell for Judas was that Christ loved him, and the greatest hell for all slaves of the passions is that they are loved. And what did Judas do? He hung himself. Horrible is the death of those enslaved and deceived, because even if they won't hang themselves by a rope, they have much more hung their souls because they have denied the Resurrection of Christ from being the center of their lives.