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April 26, 2011

A Miraculous Healing By Saint Raphael of Lesvos

The following miracle is recounted in the book The Miracles of Saint Raphael by Evgenia, abbess of the Convent of Saint Raphael in Mytilene, Greece.

My son Constantine, a pupil in high school, had a terrible accident. Together with two other boys, he was burned when a cauldron of boiling fat exploded. There was no part of his body which was not burned, from head to foot. We rushed him to the hospital, but the doctors said he could not live, or if by any chance he did so, he could remain paralyzed.

As soon as I heard this I uttered from the depths of my heart: "St. Raphael, have pity on me and save my child. Let him live with no trace of the accident, or else let God take him tonight, so that he should suffer no more."

That evening as I dozed, I dreamed that I was at the harbor of Mytilene, and St. Raphael came up to me dressed in a white rason, and said, "Magdalene, our Costas will get well. Soon he will be home without any mark." That same night my son saw St. Raphael come and peel off a black skin from him, from the crown of his head to his toes. The Saint said, "You are completely well."

From that moment, he recovered rapidly, and in fifteen days he was home without any mark on him. The doctors confessed that it was a great miracle. This happened in 1969.

Magdalene Patrele
Ellwood, Australia