April 23, 2011

Holy and Great Friday In Hollywood

Tom Hanks (right) carries the "Epitaphios" at Saint Sophia in Los Angeles on Friday Apr. 22nd

Anastasios Papapostolou
April 23, 2011
Greek Reporter

On Friday evening, the Christian Orthodox population of Los Angeles gathered at the Saint Sophia Cathedral for Good Friday’s service and procession of the Epitaphios. Many celebrities of Greek descent, or with a "Greek connection" come to the church to attend the service. Tom Hanks is there every year, and he is one of the men that carry the Epitaphios. There also was Hank’s wife, Rita Wilson with her friend Nia Vardalos. Another person who carried the Epitaphios was 20th Century Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos. According to people that work for Saint Sophia, Tom Hanks is very religious, and goes to church almost every day throughout Holy Week. The celebration of Holy Week continues with Liturgy on Saturday morning and the Resurrection Liturgy on Saturday night. On Sunday there are private Easter parties - one of those at Jim Gianopulos’ house - and the picnic of the Saint Sophia Cathedral at the Rosebowl in Pasadena.