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April 2, 2011

Historic Monastery of Saint George In Cairo Begins Restoration

Marianna Kourti
March 31, 2011

The historic Monastery of Saint George in the old city of Cairo  ̶  also known as “Rotonda” of the East  ̶  has already begun renovations. Yesterday afternoon, the Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, his Beatitude Theodoros II, officially received from the Patriarchate the study concerning the renovation of the Africa Christian monument by Mr. George Penelis and by Civil Engineer Mr. Gregory Penelis. During the delivery of the study, Metropolitan Alexios of Carthage, Bishop of Nitria Nikodemos, Bishop Niphon of Babylonos and Greek Ambassador in Egypt Mr. Christodoulos Lazaris were present. Referring to the project of monastery’s renovation, the Patriarch of Alexandria underlined the importance of the monument and mentioned that it was the shelter of the Holy Family in Egypt, which protected them from King Herod. It was also the place where St. George was jailed, while its architecture history started hundreds of years B.C.

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