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April 1, 2011

The Fourth Salutations To The Theotokos

Theotokos, O Virgin, you are the fortress for virgins and all who to you run for refuge. For the Maker of heaven and earth, O immaculate Maiden, thus constructed you. He inhabited your womb and instructed all how to address you:

Rejoice, O pillar of the virgin station.
Rejoice, O portal of man’s salvation.

Rejoice, initiator of interior renaissance.
Rejoice, administrator of God’s beneficence.

Rejoice, for you regenerated those who were shamefully conceived.
Rejoice, for you reeducated those whose intellects had been seized.

Rejoice, incapacitator of the deflowerer of sanity.
Rejoice, procreator of the Sower of chastity.

Rejoice, of ungamic union the bridal room.
Rejoice, who unite believers to the Lord as Groom.

Rejoice, O beautiful nursemaid of virgins.
Rejoice, O bridesmaid of souls that are holy.

Rejoice, O unwedded Bride.

Unsuccessful is every hymn that hastens to pay tribute to the multitude of Your tender mercies. For even if we offer You odes in number equal to the sands, O holy King, yet we do nothing worthy of what You have given us who cry to You: Alleluia.

Viewing the holy Virgin, we see a light-bearing lantern that shone upon those who were in darkness. For she lit the immaterial light, and to divine knowledge thus conducts everyone, enlightening the intellect, and honored by such acclamations:

Rejoice, the ray of the intelligible daystar.
Rejoice, the beam of the unwaning luster.

Rejoice, flash of lightning that brightly illumines souls.
Rejoice, who like thunder have stunned our enemies.

Rejoice, for you cause the rising up of the light that brightly glows.
Rejoice, for you cause the gushing up of the stream that mightily flows.

Rejoice, who illustrate the baptismal font’s image.
Rejoice, who eliminate the stain of sin’s stigma.

Rejoice, the laver washing out consciences.
Rejoice, the krater serving what gladdens hearts.

Rejoice, the fragrance of Christ’s aroma.
Rejoice, the life of mystical feasting.

Rejoice, O unwedded Bride.

Wishing to grant remission of ancient obligations, He who cancels the debts of all people came himself as a stranger and dwelt among those who were from His divine grace estranged; and tearing up the bond of sin, He hears from everyone, Alleluia.

Extolling your birthgiving with songs, we all praise you as a live temple, O Theotokos. For the Lord who encompasses all in His hand, having made His abode in your womb, sanctified you and glorified you and taught all people to cry to you:

Rejoice, O tabernacle of God the Logos.
Rejoice, O holier than the holies.

Rejoice, ark that was gilt by the Spirit.
Rejoice, life’s inexhaustible treasure.

Rejoice, exquisite diadem of kings with true beliefs.
Rejoice, reverential pride of profoundly pious priests.

Rejoice, the Church’s unshaken citadel.
Rejoice, the Empire’s fortress that never fell.

Rejoice, through whom rise trophies of victory.
Rejoice, through whom fall enemies utterly.

Rejoice, my bodily health’s restoration.
Rejoice, my soul’s everlasting salvation.

Rejoice, O unwedded Bride.

You, all-laudable Mother who gave birth to the Logos Who is holiest of all who are holy: (thrice; in a low voice by a chanter: “Most Holy Theotokos, save us.”) O accept this offering now, and from calami­ties all deliver everyone, and redeem from the future torments of hell those who cry out with zeal: Alleluia.