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Saint Gregory the Dialogist Resource Page

St. Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome (Feast Day - March 12)


Gregory in the midst of his life,
Was in the midst of the choirs of Angels.

St. Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome (According to Venerable Bede)

Saint Gregory the Dialogist as a Model for our Lives

When St. Gregory the Great Was Elected Pope

The Humility of Saint Gregory the Great

St. Gregory the Great on the Unity of the Three Apostolic Sees of Rome, Antioch and Alexandria

Ecumenical Patriarch or Universal Bishop?

Life and Miracles of Saint Benedict of Nursia (A.D. 480-547)

Saint Scholastica of Nursia, Sister of Saint Benedict

The Four-Hundred and Forty Martyrs Who Were Killed by the Lombards

The Holy Martyrs of the North African Persecution by the Arian Vandals in 484

Saint Isaac the Syrian, Who Lived in Asceticism in Spoleto, Italy

Saint Paulinus the Merciful, Bishop of Nola (+ 431)

Saint Eulogios, Archbishop of Alexandria (+ 607)

On Dreams (St. Gregory the Dialogist)

Praying for the Reposed Non-Christians and Non-Orthodox

The People of Old and the People of Today

Tracing the Origins of the Presanctified Liturgy

History of the Holy Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

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