August 5, 2022

When the Mother of God Sent Aid to Saint Paisios the Athonite

Saint Paisios narrated the following story of a personal intervention of the Mother of God in his life:
I had been fasting and keeping vigil. In those days I split the fast of the Fifteenth of August into two: until the Transfiguration I did not eat anything, on the day of the Transfiguration I ate, and then until the Panagias again I did not eat anything. So I left immediately after the vigil and didn't even think to take a little dried bread with me.

I arrived at the Monastery of Iveron, gave the letter and went down to the dock to wait for the boat. It was supposed to come at four in the afternoon, but it was late. In the meantime I started to get dizzy. Beyond was a stack of tree trunks, like telegraph poles, and I said with my thoughts:

"Let me go and sit where it's a little out of the way, so that no one sees me and starts asking me what is happening."

When I sat down, it occurred to me to do my prayer rope to the Panagia to settle things for me."

But I immediately reacted to the thought and said:

"Miserable one, will you trouble the Panagia for such trivial things?"

Then I see a Monk in front of me. He held a round loaf of bread, two figs and a large bunch of grapes. "Take these," he said to me, "to the glory of the Lady Theotokos," and he disappeared.

Well, then I broke down; I started crying, I didn't even want to eat anymore...

My my! What a Mother she is! Takes care of even the smallest details! Do you know what this means!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.