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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Visit of Saint Kosmas Aitolos to the Village of Rapsani

In the year 1765, Saint Kosmas Aitolos arrived in Rapsani of Thessaly because Rapsani was one of the most famous villages of Larissa during the Turkish occupation. 
High up, at the edge of today's village, there still stands the old plane tree where the Saint stood and taught in the year 1765 when he passed through the village. 
The people of Rapsani honored Saint Kosmas for his teaching and they still do. 
The Rapsani Women's Association of the village built a church in his honor further down from where he preached, which was consecrated on August 4, 2013. 
On the outside, the stone fountain with the stone image of the Saint invites every passer-by to quench their thirst.


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