August 16, 2022

Saint Gerasimos of Kefallonia and the Biker

Metropolitan Gerasimos Fokas of Kefallonia narrated the following incident:

I was up at the monastery in the old church of Saint Gerasimos.

The coffin was open and among the pilgrims I noticed a young modern-type, with long hair, biker clothes and an investigative look. He stood serious, concentrated in front of the Saint and looked at him motionless for some minutes. Then, without offering veneration, he left.

However, it didn't take long for him to return. This time with a different look. Admiration, surprise, and even delight were painted on his face! He came to me.

"Father, something shocking has happened to me."

"What my child?" I replied.

“Father, I had doubt within me. I stood in front of Saint Gerasimos and said to myself: Now, what are you, a saint or a mummy? If you are a saint, I want a sign. Can you make this blue summer sky rain?

Only if you do, I will believe that you are a saint.

And my father, I didn't manage to reach the sycamore tree with my bike and I felt drops on my face.

I stopped, looked up and what do I see?

A little cloud, alone in the blue sky, a little cloud, right above me, pouring its rain!

I felt ashamed, as if I had blasphemed, but at the same time I was happy! I made a turn and came back, my father, to confess it to you, to ask for forgiveness and to venerate Saint Gerasimos, who agreed to give me, so immediately, a sign!"

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.