April 3, 2021

The Grass of the Grandmother

By St. George Karslides
A church was being built in a village and everyone was helping as much as they could.

Whoever had an animal had them carry stones and those who were strong worked.

There was also a very poor grandmother in the village, who had nothing to give for the church. Her soul ached for this and as the animals carrying the stones passed by, she would pick up grass and throw them so they could eat to gain strength.

When the church was finished, they consecrated it and wrote the name of the Bishop on an inscription.

But the following happened: as soon as the name of the Bishop was written for the inscription, the next day they found his name erased and the name of the grandmother written.

This happened three times. Everyone was astonished and called for the grandmother. When she went to the church, they asked her: "Grandmother, what good did you do so that your name is written on the plaque, while we have engraved the name of the Bishop?"

"Good? But what good can I do, my child, the poor woman that I am?"

But they insisted.

Then the grandmother thought and answered them: "I did nothing, my children. Only when I saw the animals carrying the stones for the church, my soul burned because I could not offer anything, so I gathered grass and threw it to the animals."

These few greens of the grandmother was such a great offering compared to the other offerings, because it was original, humble and hidden. 

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.