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April 23, 2021

A Prayer Written by Elder Ephraim of Arizona from the Friday Before Palm Sunday in 1980

Friday Before Palm Sunday,
15 March 1980

In my poor prayer tonight I begged my Heavenly King and Father to erase from me the crimes of my soul whatever I have written with my carelessness.

May my tears fall on my written sins and erase them. My God do me this great favor and act of mercy, and remove the infinite multitude of my small and great sins. I have wept much regarding the blemishes on the garment of my soul. How will I present myself to my Bridegroom with so many stains and filth?

Come, O my God my sweet rest and dwell in my heart and cleanse it of all of its filth, and find me worthy to smell the divine fragrance of Your incomprehensible nature.

Your noetic light makes me shed profuse tears, because Your light is the glory of Your unspeakable and incomprehensible nature, which wonderfully ravishes me.

When will I see You my joy!

I will wait with patience.

Thank You my Love and my Father.

 Translated by John Sanidopoulos.