April 2, 2021

Rare Film Footage of Notable Russian Orthodox Thinkers at the St. Sergius Institute of Paris Between 1926 and 1934

While all the seminaries in Russia were closed, the Saint Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris stood as the only Russian seminary for the training of future Russian priests. The video shows many well-known Russian Orthodox thinkers from the Parisian School, the Russian Student Christian Movement, and the journal The Way. The film was done by the YMCA between 1926 and 1934. Among the notable figures you will see are:

Fr. Sergius Bulgakov
Fr. George Florovsky and his wife
Saint Maria Skobtsova
Metropolitan Evlogi (Georgievsky) of Western Europe
Nikolai Zernov
Fr. Alexander Elchaninov
Boris Vysheslavtsev
Vladimir Iljine
Vassili Zenkovsky
Anton Kartachov