April 19, 2021

After More Than Six Months, An Icon of the Virgin Mary Continues to "Weep" in a Suburb of Athens


Since September 8, 2020 in the Church of Saint Demetrios in Nea Elvetia of Vyronas, a suburb of Athens, an icon of the Virgin Mary continues to weep till this day. It has been confirmed to be authentic by the local Metropolis. The number of miracles increases daily. 

The following letter has been issued regarding upcoming scheduling:

Dear brothers and sisters, let us respond to her graceful call, let her tears soothe our pain, cool our afflicted souls, extinguish our murderous passions, erase our pains, the wounds of our souls and our sorrows and finally let us be left in her grace to taste her unstoppable gifts for our salvation. For those who intend to respond to her consolation call, the Holy Temple can be visited from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm daily, while the Holy Paraklesis in front of the Holy Icon is performed at 11:00 am. During the rosy and sweetest period of the Pentecostarion, ie from 05/03/2021 to 06/19/2021, a Divine Liturgy will be performed daily in our Holy Temple. Those who wish, can give names for commemoration For Health and For Repose.

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