February 15, 2021

Saint Anthimos and the Healing of a Member of Parliament in Chios

Saint Nikephoros the Leper (1890-1964), the spiritual child of Saint Anthimos of Chios, narrated the following about him:

"Then Mr. Rodocanachi, an MP and senator of Chios, fell ill and approached death. His son-in-law was the doctor Mr. Kountouras. He and other doctors in the country could not figure out his illness.

However, his daughter, Mr. Kountouras's wife, had great faith and reverence for our holy Elder and persuaded her husband Mr. Kountouras to have our holy Elder go to the home, and he went.

As soon as he got there he heard the cries and mourning of the family, as well as many others. And as soon as he approached, he said:

'Stop, do not cry, and Mr. Rodocanachi will be fine and will go to his office tomorrow.'

And some of them made fun of him.

He approached him, and made the sign of the cross over him, blew in his face and - O the miracle! - at that moment he was restored to his previous health.

Since then, Mr. Kountouras admired him and gave him great reverence, and in fact he found him useful at the time when the executioners wanted to imprison him for the treatments he performed, and God and he acquitted him of death."

Source: Monk Simon, Saint Nikephoros the Leper and Wonderworker. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.
Christophoros Rodocanachi
Ioannis Kountouras