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Monday, February 8, 2021

Miracles of Saint Lyubov of Ryazan the Fool for Christ


After the death of Saint Lyubov in 1920, a monument was erected on her grave by the diligence of the deacon of one of the churches of Ryazan and other worshipers. Years passed. That monument had long been gone. Over the years, the grave had become almost forgotten. And the cemetery had become little visited. And then one day a military man came to Lyubov's grave and soon put a cross and a metal fence at his own expense. He told about himself that his life was extremely unfortunate. He was ill and the doctors could not help him. But Lyubov appeared to him in a dream and said: “Do not grieve and do not worry. Go to Ryazan, find the grave of Lyubov Semyonovna Sukhanovskaya in the cemetery, and put a fence around it. After this you will be healthy and happy." He did everything she told him to do and was healed. In gratitude for her help, he annually came to her grave and served a memorial.

* * *

One girl's mother died, the only person who was close to her. Left alone, she greatly grieved, lamented and cried. Kind people advised her to order forty liturgies for her mother, saying that this would calm the soul of the deceased, and it would bring relief to her. The girl replied: "Wouldn't I have ordered one, but I spent all on the funeral, and I have no money for the forty liturgies." But then she saw a dream. Lyubov Semyonovna appeared to her holding her government bonds in her hands and said: "Do not worry, do not cry, check these, maybe you won." Indeed, when the girl checked her bonds, it turned out that they had won. During the period of her mother's illness and funeral, she completely forgot about them. With this money, the girl ordered forty liturgies for her mother, after which she felt calmer, for which she then constantly thanked Lyubov by coming to her grave.

* * *

One woman who worked on a livestock farm lost a piglet. Searches for it yielded no results. For its loss, they were supposed to recover its value, and at the same time they suspected her of dishonesty. The woman did not live richly, but honestly. She came to Lyubov's grave and with tears asked to help her find the loss. Returning from the cemetery, she learned that the pig had been found. With joy she wept and thanked the blessed one.

* * *

Vera, the wife of the singer in the Church of the Sorrowful, fell ill. She became very sad, and the melancholy gradually drowned out the desire to pray. Vera stopped going to church. Seeing her dangerous state of mind, the woman went to blessed Polyushka, who lived in the Zakharovsky district of the Ryazan region, with a request to pray for her and help her in her trouble. When she told the blessed one about her difficult state of mind, Polyushka advised her to return to Ryazan, go to the blessed Lyubov's grave, take the dirt from her grave, pour some water and drink. Vera did just that and felt healthy. Her melancholy departed. Once again, there was a desire to visit the church and find joy and consolation in prayer.

* * *

In 1992, by the diligence of the brethren of Saint John the Theologian Monastery, a chapel was built at the grave of blessed Lyubov, and on June 10, 1998 her holy relics were transferred to the Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in Yamskaya Sloboda in Ryazan. The memory of blessed Lyubov Ryazanskaya is celebrated on February 8, the day of her repose.
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