February 24, 2021

Miracles in the Lives of a Pious Husband and Wife (From the Life of St. George Karslides)

In 1959 a husband and wife embarked on a pilgrimage from their village in Mikromilia to the Monastery of the Ascension in Sipsa, an eight hour journey, in order to visit Saint George Karslides. This couple had seven children and were expecting their eighth. On the way the wife was considering in her thoughts about not allowing the eighth child to live, feeling that she was unable to take care of another child. Very quickly however she banished this thought from her mind and repented.

As soon as they arrived in the courtyard of the monastery, Elder George called out to the wife and said: "Come now, my good bride, remove that which you put in your mind. You will bring the baby here for us to baptize." With tears she would later say of this: "How did the monk know everything that was on my mind along the road?" Indeed, the child was baptized in the monastery, but the Saint had already reposed.

As for the husband, at one time he had been struck by lightning. The hat he was wearing was pierced through, and the chain around his neck melted, but nothing happened to the cross on the chain. Elder George would later tell him: "Know that the cross you were wearing saved you from the lightning."