February 19, 2021

The Well of Saint Philothei in Athens

Saint Philothei offered incalculable help to the inhabitants of Athens, both spiritually and in their daily living needs. One of the vital needs to which she contributed was that of a water supply.

Athens is mostly dry and its water sources were very far away. This created a lot of problems for its residents, who had to travel long distances to transport and use water.

As it has been recorded, at the expense of Saint Philothei, two wells were opened in the city of Athens. One was at Kifissia next to the current Nursing Home and the other at Agia Varvara of Chalandri. This offering of Philothei was considered to be an act of kindness (psychiko) for the thirsty travelers, but also for the survival of the families of villagers who were close to them. Naturally, the area around the wells offered by Philothei for the cleansing of her soul was named Psychiko.

Today a marble shrine together with the icon of Saint Philothei has been placed at the place where the first well existed. That is, in today's Manou Hatzidaki Square, or Rome Square, which is located next to the Athens Nursing Home on Kifissia Avenue. To be precise, it is located at the junction of Colonel Georgoula and Perikli Stavrou streets. This first well almost marks the border of the area of the current Municipality of Psychiko, with the famous Church of Saint Philothei being in the center of the former municipality.