July 10, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Bianor and Silouan of Pisidia

Sts. Bianor and Silouan (Feast Day - July 10)


To Bianor.
They were not able to conquer your firm nature,
Martyr Bianor, nor did the violence of the sword.

To Silouan.
Seeing you struck by the sword Silouan,
You have become another Siloam curing suffering.

Of these two Holy Martyrs, Bianor was from the province of Pisidia, and because of his confession of Christ he stood before Severian the governor of Euphatesia, now called Ajar, which can be found in Syria and consisted of a small kingdom.* The Saint therefore stood before him, and first he was suspended and beaten with wooden swords. He was then burned with fiery metal balls, and had his teeth pulled out and ears cut off.

Saint Silouan stood there, and seeing the bravery of the Saint, he believed in Christ. For this reason immediately his tongue was cut off, and after cutting off his tongue they cut off his head. They then pierced through the ankles of Saint Bianor, and removed his right eye. After this they scalped his head, and finally cut off his holy head. In this manner the renowned ones received the crown of the contest.


* This should probably be Aphrodisias is Asia Minor and not Syria.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
Bianor the Martyr, offspring of Pisidia, the treacherous dragon choked, with the blood that issued from your contest; having true faith, your limbs were cut off, you were seen as a champion, an armed warrior of the Savior, without ceasing intercede, on behalf of our souls.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fifth Tone
Let us honor Bianor with encomiums, for his noble sacrifice and contest, the lover and great martyr of Christ. Offspring and ornament of Pisidia, the model of athletes and prototype of zeal, to him we cry: Rejoice athlete of many contests.

Rejoice model of martyrs, and divinely-gifted guide, of confessors; rejoice Pisidia, the sanctuary of faith, for which you O athlete Bianor, are an offspring and protector.