July 17, 2019

5 Shrines Dedicated to Saint Marina in Crete

Below are only a select five of the many shrines dedcated to Saint Marina on the island of Crete.

1. Church of Saint Marina in Halepa

The Chapel of Saint Marina is just 300 metres from Halepa Monastery. It bears the coat of arms of the Kallergis family, one of the most powerful families of the Venetian era that enjoyed unique privileges. The church contains many well-preserved frescoes. In the past, Halepa Monastery operated as a convent at this location, before moving to its present location in 1673.

2. Church of Saint Marina in Agioi Deka

The Church of Saint Marina in Agioi Deka is a single-nave vaulted temple daing back from the 9th century (today it has been restored). The church bears traces of frescoes.

3. Chapel of Saint Marina in Analipsi

The picturesque chapel with a gorgeous view of the sea was established in 2009.

4. Monastery of Saint Marina near Voni

The Monastery of Saint Marina is located 500m south of the village of Voni and during its feast day (July 17) huge crowds arrive from all over Greece. The number of people arriving at Saint Marina is the highest in Crete, with car queues of many kilometers. There are many vendors before reaching the church. Many are those who vow to Saint Marina and come on foot to the monastery from Heraklion city.

The Monastery was founded in 1895 by John Kaparounakis at the site where it is said that he drank water from a spring and that helped him miraculously recover from a serious disease. There was already a small chapel at the point, but was owned by a Turk, Hosref Pasha, who did not want to allow the construction of the monastery. It is said that Saint Marina then intervened and chastised the Turk by sickening his three children. Once he realized what happened, he found Kaparounakis and sold his property. Then, the existing church was renovated and the Monastery of Saint Marina was built.

Saint Marina is patron of sick children and there are many incidences with miracles at the Monastery. You will get impressed by the room with various personal items of those who experiences their miracle, e.g. crutches.

5. Church of Saint Marina in Ravdoucha

On the main road leading from the village Ravdoucha to the beach, we meet the 14th century Byzantine Church of Saint Marina with spectacular sea views, built in a rock recess. The church bears frescoes that have suffered considerable damage. As in many churches of the peninsula Rodopou, so here too we see engravings of the travelers of the era.