July 30, 2019

When Two Jehovah's Witnesses Approached Saint Gabriel the Confessor

One time two female Jehovah's Witnesses approached Saint Gabriel [the Confessor of Georgia and Fool for Christ]. They had been sent to him in order for Father Gabriel to lead them on the path of truth. When they entered his cell, the Saint shouted with a mysterious tone in his voice:

"The hail has come and found the stone!"

He then began to cry for a long time. The women, unable to bear it anymore, asked him why he was crying.

"How can I not cry? The door to the Kingdom of Heaven is open to all Christians, but because of my sins I cannot enter! And yet the Jehovah's Witnesses, who consist of five million around the world, say that only 144,000 will be saved. They have taken all the spots, so who will bring me in?"

The women lost it. They didn't know how to respond. After this he told them about the errors they found themselves in, he taught them the correct faith, and in the end, they became nuns at Bodbe Monastery.