July 10, 2019

Saint Amalia of Maubeuge (+ 690)

Saint Amalia of Maubeuge, also known as Amalberga, was born around 640 in Liege of the Walloon Region within present Belgium. She is said to have been the sister or niece of Pippin of Landen and married Count Witger, Duke of Lorraine. In her biography she is presented as the mother of three saints: Emebert, Reineldis and Gudula. Amalia joined the monastic community at Maubeuge Abbey after the birth of her youngest daughter Gudula, and when her husband Witger became a monk at Lobbes Abbey. She lived a virtuous and philanthropic life. Upon her venerable repose in 690, she was buried with her husband at Lobbes, and her children were buried there as well. In the fifteenth century her relics were transferred to Binche.

Let us honor Venerable Amalia, for she shunned the glory of men, and followed the Bridegroom Christ, as a beautiful monastic; you showed yourself to be a heroine of asceticism and struggle, therefore cease not to intercede that mercy will be shown to our souls.