July 6, 2019

Holy Martyrs Philemon, Archippus and Onesimus

Sts. Philemon, Archippus and Onesimus the Martyrs (Feast Day - July 6)


To Philemon.
Crosses were a cold kiss to Christ Philemon,
Crosses for you were a warm love-charm.

To Archippus.
Your authoritative command in instruction,
Was shown Archippus in your bravery towards the horse.

To Onesimus.
Onesimus found profit by the sword,
Having received the luminous crown of the contest.

The Holy Martyrs Philemon, Archippus and Onesimus met their end in the following manner: Philemon was crucified, Archippus was dragged by horses, and Onesimus was killed by a sword.* Their Synaxis and Feast was celebrated in their martyrium Temple which is in Elaia.**


* It is not known if these Holy Martyrs were the three Apostles of the Seventy or separate individuals. The three Apostles that also go by these names are commemorated together on November 22nd.

** Elaia was located north of Constantinople, beyond the Golden Horn on a hill above the suburb of Sykai, hence in the vicinity of present-day Galata tower.