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December 1, 2017

The Best of November 2017 by the Mystagogy Resource Center (MRC)

Below is the monthly review for the month of November of the ten most popular articles from the previous month on, then all the posts made on the other websites of the Mystagogy Resource Center.

1. Elder Iakovos Tsalikes Has Been Officially Numbered Among the Saints

2. The Hospital Room St. Nektarios Reposed In and Did His First Posthumous Miracle

3. The Curse of Saint Nektarios and the Seville Soccer Team

4. Saint Nektarios and the Protestant Who Became Orthodox

5. Saint Paisios the Athonite Proclaimed the Patron Saint of the Military Corps of Signalmen

6. Tales of a Guardian Angel From the Streets of London

7. "Judging and Mockery Are Great Wounds on the Soul" (St. Gabriel the Confessor)

8. The Mystery of the Orthodox Commemoration of a False Saint

9. A Church Beyond Compare - The Nea Church, or the Basilica of Saint Mary the New in Jerusalem (543-614)

10. An Annual Miracle at the Tomb of the Apostle Andrew from the Sixth Century

1. The Rational Man According To St. Anthony the Great

2. Franksgiving: When Thanksgiving Politically Divided the United States

3. Holy Martyr Porphyrios the Mime of Ephesus

1. ‘Intelligent’ Design? Relax, God is Stranger Still

1. The Second Coming (Parousia) of Christ

1. The Christian History of the Gargoyle

2. A Case of Vampirism in the Lives of the Saints?

3. How A Certain Monk Was Restored From Excommunication After His Death

4. The Feast of Saint Andrew in Romania - Night of the Vampires