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Saints and Feasts of November 19

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Saints and Feasts of December 5

On the fifth Savvas was admitted 
into the divinely sweet chambers.

(Fasting Day)

Venerable Savvas the Sanctified

Saint Savvas the Sanctified Resource Page

Holy Martyr Anastasios the Fuller

Holy Martyr Anastasios the Fuller at Salona of Dalmatia

Venerable Gratos

Venerable Gratos

Holy Martyr Diogenes

Holy Martyr Diogenes

Holy Martyr Abercius

Holy Martyr Abercius

Venerable Nonnos

Venerable Nonnos

Holy Martyr Crispina

Holy Martyr Crispina (+ 304)

Holy Venerable Martyr Kosmas the Protos of Vatopaidi 
and the Venerable Martyrs of Mount Athos With Him

Holy Martyr Kosmas the Protos (+ 1280) and the Athonite Holy Martyrs of Karyes With Him

The Tomb of Saint Kosmas the Protos

Venerable Philotheos of Karyes

Saint Philotheos of Karyes (+ 15th cent.)

Venerable Nektarios of Karyes

Saint Nektarios the Athonite (+ 1500)

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