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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Saint Ambrose of Milan Resource Page

St. Ambrose of Milan (Feast Day - December 7)


Ambrose is stripped of his perishable flesh,
Being made worthy to partake in divine immortality.
On the seventh Ambrose arrived in the land of immortality.


Synaxarion of Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (St. Nikolai Velimirovich)

Saint Ambrose of Milan as a Model for our Lives

When Saint Ambrose Humbled Emperor Theodosius the Great

How St. Ambrose Helped Bring St. Augustine Closer to the Church

A Letter of Basil the Great to Ambrose of Milan (Letter 197)


Saint Ambrose On the Need to Imitate the Saints

Saint Ambrose On How Clergy Ought To Speak

Patristic Testimony of the Prophetic Ministry of Joshua the Son of Nun

On the Annunciation (Sts. Ambrose of Milan, Jerome and Leo the Great)

The Paralytic at the Pool and the Mystery of the Incarnation (St. Ambrose of Milan)

Passion of the Apostles (A Hymn of St. Ambrose of Milan)

The Finding of the Relics of Saints Gervasios and Protasios by Saint Ambrose of Milan

Saint Lawrence of Rome as a Model Deacon (St. Ambrose of Milan)

On the Example of Saint Sebastian the Martyr (St. Ambrose of Milan)

Saint Pelagia the Virgin (St. Ambrose of Milan)

Eulogy for Saint Ascholios of Thessaloniki (St. Ambrose of Milan)

Holy Martyrs Agricola and Vitalis of Bologna


Saint Ambrose of Kyrenia, A Forgotten Cypriot Saint No Longer Celebrated

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