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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holy Martyrs Priscus, Martinus and Nicholas

Sts. Priscus, Martinus and Nicholas the Martyrs (Feast Day - December 7);
photo depicts the walls of Constantinople at the Blachernae district


To Priscus.
From starvation of earthly bread Priscus died,
Christ feeds the Angels with morsels of bread.

To Martinus.
With an axe Martin was cut up like meat,
Meat by the axe of impious people.

To Nicholas.
A decree of demonic delusion was issued to sacrifice,
Nicholas did not sacrifice so he is sacrificed in fire.

We do not know any details of the lives of these three Holy Martyrs. What we do know is that Priscus was martyred by dying of starvation, Martinus was martyred by being axed to death, and Nicholas was burnt to death for not sacrificing to the idols. Emperor Justinian had a church built in their honor near the walls of the Blachernae district of Constantinople, where they were celebrated.

To read more about Justinian's church, read: The First Church Dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra

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