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Saint Justin Popovich Resource Page

St. Justin Popovich (Feast Day - June 1)


Saint Justin Popovich of Chelije in Serbia (+ 1979)

The Exhumation and Translation of the Relics of St. Justin Popovich

Documentary on St. Justin Popovich

Video Footage of St. Justin Popovich

Fr. Justin Popovich & Fr. Simeon of Dajbabe Glorified By Serbian Church

Pictures of the Glorification of Two Serbian Saints

Hymns to the Newly-Glorified Saint Justin of Chelije

Did St. Justin Popovich Break Communion With the Serbian Patriarchate?

Response To Slanders Against St. Nikolai Velimirovich and St. Justin Popovich

Supporters of Artemije Build Chapel In Honor of St. Justin Popovich

Fr. Theodoros Zisis Responds To St. Justin Popovich

Serbian Students React To Fr. Theodore Zisis and on the True Views of St. Justin on Ecumenism

Homilies and Writings

A Christmas Epistle by St. Justin Popovich

The Word Became Flesh: A Christmas Sermon of St. Justin Popovich

"The Prodigal Son is the Perfect Example of the Repentant Sinner" (St. Justin Popovich)

Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Great Lent (St. Justin Popovich)

A Paschal Homily of Saint Justin Popovich of Chelije

"Christ Is Risen, Means That We Are All Risen!" (St. Justin Popovich)

"Condemned to be Immortal" (St. Justin Popovich)

Homily on the Sunday of the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda (St. Justin Popovich)

Every Mystery and Every Virtue Is A Small Pentecost (St. Justin Popovich)

The Attributes of the Church (St. Justin Popovich)

Introduction to the "Lives of the Saints" (St. Justin Popovich)

From Time to Eternity, the Internal Mission of Our Church

Homily on the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, Prophet and Forerunner (St. Justin Popovich)

The Place of Holy Relics In The Orthodox Church

The Empirical Path Towards the Knowledge of God (St. Justin Popovich)

"Lord Have Mercy" by St. Justin Popovich

St. Justin Popovich on Sacrifice and the Holy Canons

Orthodox Theanthropic Culture: Whither Does Humanistic Culture Lead?

Orthodoxy and the Theory of Evolution (St. Justin Popovich)

Saint Peter of Korisha (+ 1270)

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