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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Prophet Elisha Resource Page

Holy Prophet Elisha (Feast Day - June 14)


The horses of Elias, as noetic horses,
Opened the heavens, for the double-portion of Elias.
On the fourteenth the pleasant portion fell upon Elisha.

Holy Prophet Elisha

Holy Prophet Elisha as a Model for our Lives

What Sirach Said About Elisha the Prophet

Elisha the Prophet and the Syrian Army (video)

Why the Prophet Elisha is Commemorated on June 14th

The Relics of the Holy Prophet Elisha

Placement of the Relics and Garments of the Apostles Luke, Andrew and Thomas, the Prophet Elisha, and Martyr Lazarus in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople

Open Letter to Every Fellow Traveler Who Thirsts for Truth

7 Greek Shrines Dedicated to the Prophet Elisha

Church of the Prophet Elisha in Monasteraki (Where St. Nicholas Planas Liturgized Daily)

Prophet Elijah (Elias) Resource Page

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