June 2, 2017

Commemoration of the Miracle of Saint John the New of Suceava in 1622

With the feast of Saint John the New of Suceava on June 2nd, there is also commemorated a miracle of the Saint that was recorded by Metropolitan Peter Mogila (+ 1647). On 2 June 1622 Suceava was threatened with a siege by Tartars. Inhabitants were fleeing on all sides. The priests of the church which kept the relic of Saint John wanted to transfer his reliquary to the castle for safekeeping.

However, when the priests went to lift the reliquary of the Saint, they were unable to, for it was unliftable. After trying many times, the priests came to the realization that it was the will of the Saint to remain in his church and protect the city. Clergy and people then prayed together. Indeed, as they prayed and the siege loomed on the horizon, a torrential rain fell and prevented the Tartars from invading the city. All therefore glorified God and thanked the Saint for protecting his city.