Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Saint Sampson the Innkeeper Resource Page

St. Sampson the Innkeeper (Feast Day - June 27)


Just as Sampson of old with a jawbone was led to drink,
So Sampson now gushes forth myrrh from his tomb.
On the twenty-seventh Sampson died and gushed forth myrrh.

Synaxarion of Saint Sampson the Innkeeper

Saint Sampson the Innkeeper

Saint Sampson the Innkeeper as a Model for our Lives

Saint Sampson and the Healing of the Man who Suffered from Anthrax

St. Sampson the Innkeeper, Founder of the Largest Free Clinic in the Roman Empire

Church of Saint Sampson the Innkeeper in Pyrgos of Santorini

Saint Sampson Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

Synaxis of All the Holy and Wonderworking Unmercenaries

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