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November 9, 2022

The Legacy of Saint Nektarios of Aegina (St. Justin Popovich)

By St. Justin Popovich
Indeed, it is a great miracle that in our century of unbelief and lack of faith, this Metropolitan Nektarios, despised by many and humiliated to the point of death, becomes the cause of so many spiritual events and movements.

No matter where the faithful call upon him and invoke him in prayers with faith, he arrived and always arrives. He heals the demon possessed, strengthens the weak spiritually and physically, straightens and heals the lame, and saves those at sea in a storm.

In a very short time, his holy name became known everywhere: on the land, on the sea, and on the islands; in Europe and America and Africa; wherever there are Orthodox souls, his gracious presence is felt.

Around his Monastery of the Holy Trinity and its holy relics, many people constantly gather, not only from Greece, but, especially recently, from all Orthodox countries.

Many temples dedicated to him have sprung up everywhere: on the mainland and islands, in Africa and America. The temple dedicated to Saint Nektarios on the island of Crete in a place called Chania, where a part of his holy relics is also located, is famous for its many miracles.  

In addition to the Services written in his honor, many books were written about Saint Nektarios, which describe his life and numerous miracles and healings done by the power of his gracious intercession before God. Many books have been written and are constantly being written both on the hearts of the faithful and on paper.

Many testify to his gracious appearance in the most remote corners of the world. Many terminally ill people, in moments of utter hopelessness, saw and continue to see an old monk with a gentle smile and a monk's cap, who comforts them and restores hope in God's salvation. To the question: "Who is he?" - he answers: "Nektarios of Aegina".

From The Lives of the Saints of November. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.