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January 17, 2022

Holy Emperor Theodosius the Great (St. Justin Popovich)

St. Theodosios the Great (Feast Day - January 17)

This very pious and glorious emperor ruled from the years 379-395. He was born in Spain. He was famous for his family, and famous for his heroism. He was first the military leader of Emperor Gratian, and then he was appointed emperor in 379.

Constantine the Great forbade the persecution of Christians, Theodosius the Great went one step further: he forbade idol sacrifices in his land. He also took care of the Orthodox faith against heretics. He expelled the Arian archbishop Demophilos from Constantinople and brought into the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople Saint Gregory the Theologian.

He was so pious that he was worthy to perform miracles during his life. Thus, wanting to venerate the holy places in Jerusalem, he put on a simple outfit, and went to the Temple of the Holy Resurrection and knocked on the door. A churchman opened it for him, and he entered the temple, and - O the miracle! - the chandeliers, which had hitherto been extinguished, all of a sudden ignited on their own, as if on some great festival. Astonished by this miracle, the churchman informed the patriarch about it. The patriarch, through his prayer to God, found out who it was, and glorified God.

During his time, the Second Ecumenical Synod was convened in 381, which established the dogmatic teaching about the Holy Spirit as God, who is one with God the Father and God the Son. He did a lot to strengthen and spread the Christian faith in the world.

He transcribed the Holy Gospel with his own hands, and read it every day.

He departed to the Lord on January 17, 395 in Milan. His relics were transferred to Constantinople and buried there.

Blessed Augustine says that Emperor Theodosius often said that he was more happy to be a member of the Church of God than to be emperor over the whole earth.
From Lives of the Saints by St. Justin Popovich. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.