January 25, 2022

The Alphabet of Virtues (St. Gregory the Theologian)

By St. Gregory the Theologian
Always begin with God and always end with Him.

Beneficial to your life is this: end your day well.

Come to know all the good works of the righteous.

Dreadful it is for one to be hungry, but more terrible is illegal wealth.

Emulation of God is to be learned by a benefactor.

From God ask that you be compassionate, in as much as you also are compassionate.

Governed firmly and restrained must the human flesh be.

Halter anger, that you not fall out of reason.

In moderation may your tongue be, your gaze ought to be straight and high.

Just as you are a foreigner, know it well. Hence, honor foreigners.

Key for your ears there ought to be, let your laughter be modest.

Like a lamp ought your reason walk before your every good work.

May you not allow that which exists to slip under that which appears.

Now you are to study all things with your mind, however you should do only that which is permitted.

On a journey of calmness, then you ought to remember the storm.

Pleasurably accept all things that come from God.

Quintessential is the sacrifice, of a soul that is offered to God.

Righteous man striking you with a rod, is better than a wicked man honoring you.

Show yourself frequently through the gates of the wise, stay away from the gates of the rich.

That which is small, is not small when it leads you to something great.

Unrefined language restrain, distance yourself from presumption, become great in wisdom.

Verily, who will keep these things? He who will be saved!

What a gift it is to be envied, what a great disgrace it is for you to envy.

You are to keep yourself from falling, but when someone else falls, do not laugh.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.