January 4, 2022

Some Appearances and Miracles of Father Nicholas Pettas After His Death (1 of 6)

By Dr. Photios Dimitrakopoulos,
Professor of Byzantine Philology at the University of Athens

After his repose, Fr. Nicholas Pettas (+ January 4, 2000) appeared to Fr. Emmanuel L. from Ano Moulia, Crete. The hieromonk, son of Fr. Nicholas, had gone to Crete on a pilgrimage and the priest of Ano Moulia thought that he wasn't a canonical hieromonk, and was thus hesitant to send him on a priestly service. One night Fr. Emmanuel saw a priest telling him who he is and that his son is indeed a hieromonk and that he can assign him the service he wanted without hesitation. Indeed, the priest from Ano Moulia called at the time when he had finished the memorial service for Fr. Nicholas over his grave, and narrated to him the vision.

Another hieromonk from the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon of New Penteli, where he was connected with Fr. Nicholas and attended his funeral, after the repose of Elder Nicholas, saw a revelatory vision of many holy clerics in Paradise. One of them however was very bright and when he had a close look at him he understood that it was Fr. Nicholas. He spoke to him and he said to him: "Look how joyous we are here, I am also preparing a place for you with us, when God calls you!"

The eldest son of Fr. Nicholas, Andrew, was looking for some necessary things in order to deal with an urgent matter. Together with his other brothers they searched for days without result in his personal office, which he had meticulously arranged. After the Forty Day Memorial, when they returned to his office, with his own written characters - that is, of Fr. Nicholas - they found a note that stated all the details for the solution of the problem. Everyone understood that it was his writing.

Testimony of Archimandrite Gervasios Ch. of the Church of Pantokratora in Patras:

"The late Fr. Nicholas Pettas was considered a sanctified clergyman, very discerning and with an excess of spirituality. He was very experienced as a family man and a clergyman, and because of his humility, God endowed him with rich gifts... When he reposed we were sad for his departure, but we also rejoiced, because we had the sure belief that we would have a great intercessor before the Lord. I know about many miraculous events about the late Fr. Nicholas, which are presented to me by my spiritual children from all over Patras. I keep commemorating him and I know that he listens to me.

Of the many, I will mention one moving event, which took place at the grave of Fr. Nicholas at Panagia Alexiotissa. Years ago, one summer, together with another clergyman, Fr. P.A. from Patras, and with other archimandrites who arrived from afar, such as from Lekanopedio and from the Monastery of Saints Augustine and Seraphim of Sarov in Dorida, among whom were also the abbot Nektarios, present also were the lay disciples of Fr. Nicholas. We gathered around the grave of the late father, and though we had not had time to bring koliva or cookies, suddenly, while we were performing the memorial service, many pigeons began to gather from nowhere that made a circle around the grave. During the service, they did not leave, as if they wanted to hear the prayer. Until we left, they followed us, as if thanking us. Their number was observed to be over seventy pigeons. Then one of the priests said: 'It is as if the Seventy Apostles have arrived, the synaxis of which we celebrate on the day of the dormition of Fr. Nicholas. You are great, Lord, and your works are wondrous!' This scene reminded us of the birds of heaven, who hung out at the tomb of Saint Joachim Papoulakis, or when the body of Saint Savvas the Sanctified was returned from the West to Jerusalem. Then we all glorified God for the heavenly assurances of His elect."