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November 8, 2016

Testimony of a Miracle of the Archangel Michael to a Child Born Blind

Around 50 years ago Mr. Argyris Malidakis, a 91 year old resident of Kalymnos, was at the Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis in Symi, and witnessed the following miracle, as he narrates in his own words:

I got ready with my wife and child to go venerate the Chief Commander at Symi from Kalymnos for his feast, but there was no means to do so. The Coast Guard advised us that a ship would pass by, carrying wood and reinforced bars to the Monastery in Symi and that it alone could take us there.

We boarded the ship, where a woman and her blind child had already boarded, who was going for a pilgrimage like us, and so we came to know each other during the trip.

When we arrived at Panormitis, there were many people and it was hard to find a place to sleep. Eventually we found a bed and we put the children, together with the blind child, to sleep there.

At around midnight we heard that there was a liturgy at the church, and the mother of the child woke him up and said to him: "Let us go my child so the Saint can make you well."

This prompted us to get up and we all went to the Divine Liturgy.

First the blind child and his mother venerated the icon of the Saint, and then we went and we sat down to follow the Divine Liturgy.

After ten minutes the child suddenly began to do some sudden and strange movements with his hands and yelling: "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, I can see!"

The miracle took place! The mother then began pulling at her hair and screaming: "My child can see! My child can see! My child can see!"

She went to the icon of the Panormitis, embraced it, and continued yelling and celebrating. The people there took up the child (see photo above), and took him to the icon which he kissed. They then made a makeshift bed, and put the young child on it and paraded him around!

The news spread rapidly, and in the days to come people came to see the healed child from other places, and to venerate the Archangel.

Kalymnos, 6 November 2016

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.